photos: Lily van Wijk and Tom Carr


print session directed by Jim Sherradon at Watkins College of Art, Belmont University, Nashville - December 14, 2023

Origin and about this mini-project?

At the end of my Artist-in-Residence program at Watkins College of Art during Fall semester of 2023 I had the pleasure of meeting master printmaker and artist, Jim Sherradon. We quickly saw that we coincided in spirit, creatively and professionally, so we tried to arrange to do a print together but there was problem. I was leaving Nashville in less than a week and Jim would be gone most of the days of that very week. Finally, we’re able to reserve my last afternoon there to do the print. That grew to opening it up to students that hadn’t left for their Christmas break and Jim also did a workshop where they could have a first-hand introduction to printing. Dan Brawner, printer, artist and teacher helped us organize the work session at Watkins College of Art.

Jim and I just barely squeezed it in to do our print, but we did an edition of six copies. That and the student’s results, together with some documentary photos of the process are posted in this section of my Web.

What was the theme?

Jim and I were completely flexible with what we would do together. As a starting point, we did consider what theme could be done. We’re both very energetic and positive so I told him a short story about my grandson and we agreed to use the word, “BE”.

The short story

In August 2022 my four-year-old grandson, Daniel was visiting us. I like to take him to my studio early in the morning, when he’s here. On one occasion when we were on our way there, I started quoting out loud “To be or not to be…”. I couldn't continue because he quickly and energetically interrupted, “Yes, to be!”. How positive and full of life!

That’s where our “BE” comes from.