The sculpture, “Engpass” was the winner of a competition held one year ago for the community of Oberteuringen, Germany.

Built by Peter Bosch GMBH, Obertueringen, Germany

Organization by OberschwabenKunstweg: Ragnhild Becker, Gunar Seitz, Bernd Stieghorst (curator) and 

Mühlenteam Oberteuringen: Irmgard Dollansky, Kerstin Dürnay, Bruno Rauscher, Barbara Kensy-Schneider


The art project Engpass has to do with filters and change.  As water, in whatever state, arrives at the underground site, it is cleansed and comes out changed and purified.

The sculpture Engpass is related to the concept of transition.  An entering while ascending, going through a narrow passage at the highest point and then descending to continue whatever one was doing, walking, strolling, jogging, biking--all in the flow of being.

Whether physically going through the sculpture or just observing it, the spectator may think of the concept of filter, moments of transition allegoric to life’s experiences.

The Engpass structure will be all of blue and white painted metal and metallic metal platforms and cement bases at the ends. It is 400 cm high and the base is 200 by 700 centimeters.  The structure is strong enough for people to be on it.  The platform of the steps consist of a metal grid (which is the same as is already used on the site) that would allow for there to be an apparent transparency to see from above while on it and also from below.  This optical characteristic together with change of width of the stair sequence and the color combination could possible awaken the curiosity of the observer to “use it”.

The expression of Engpass is a conjunction of contrasts:

- Water goes in at different states and comes out drinkable.

- Water always has a tendency to go towards the center of the earth because of gravity; we humans make an effort and go up to quench or satisfy curiosity and therefore grow.

- Engpass has a sense of humor and at the same time deals with the serious concept of the moments of transition in our lives.


Oberschwaben Kuntsweg   

Engpass Inauguration



Engpass pre-presentation